FIFA Pro Clubs Team

Our FIFA Pro team is the reigning Hungarian Champion. We are member of the Hungarian Pro Clubs League and Virtual Pro Gaming.Pro Clubs is a growing popularity game mode of the football simulator FIFA series made by EA. The reason is that in this mode each football player is controlled by a real player, like in real football 11 players competing against 11 in each game. That makes the whole gameplay more exciting and unpredictable. Thanks to the growing interest, more and more associations and real football clubs are joining the scene. We are competing in the Hungarian Pro Clubs League (HPCL) as reigning champions and super cup winners. We are also participating in the Virtual Pro Gaming Europe Champions League series. The games are streamed by HPCL Facebook page with live commentary and our official twitch channel.


PUBG Mobile

With the rising popularity of mobile esports, we gathered one of the best german and hungarian players for our PUBG Mobile rosters. The Captain is Gergely “OPTIC” Fekti who originally joined Mid 2019. Joining him as a Fragger Mate “FUWLI” Mego whose aggressive playstyle matches perfectly with Optic’s leading style. Dorottya “ELYSIUM” Soos as a Sniper supporting the team from the back side-by-side with David “BREZO” Brezovai as a Mid. Our team is competing on ESL, The Purge, Pro EU and the German League.